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Demonstration of secure email in familiar IT environment to prevent data breach
Secure email as easy as a regular email
File sharing made safe and simple
Security officer who complies with legislation and regulations - GDPR

Comply with laws and regulations

A user-friendly solution to prevent data breaches in communications. Comply with GDPR, ISO27001/2 and industry-specific standards. Take control of information security without making life hard for users.

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Security officer who complies with legislation and regulations - GDPR

Limit the impact on your IT

Minimal impact on your infrastructure. Effortless management. Users communicate safely without having to change how they work.

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Director, managers have control over information security through reports and dashboards

Be in control

Better insight into your communications infrastructure means better protection against data breaches. If a breach occurs, you can quickly mitigate the damage.

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Director, managers have control over information security through reports and dashboards

Available cross-device, cross-platform

Secure and simple

Avoid human errors

More than 50% of all data breaches are due to human error. ZIVVER helps you prevent errors before you even send a message containing sensitive information.

Encrypted email

Strong encryption

Only the sender and the intended recipient(s) can gain access to a message. We use asymmetric (public-key) encryption. ZIVVER never gains access to your information.

Checking the recipient

Checking the recipient

You check the recipient using two-factor authentication. The recipient opens the secure message by entering an SMS or an arranged access code. This way, only the right recipient gains access.

insight email

Getting a clear understanding

If you suspect a data breach, ZIVVER’s audit and communications logs let you find out what happened. You can also recall the message to minimise the damage.

ZIVVER on every device

On all devices

ZIVVER is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Download the app or plugins so you can work securely at the office, at home and on the go.

Sharing large files securely with ZIVVER

Sharing large files safely

Transfer files up to 5TB right from your regular email client, regardless of any mailbox restrictions. Say goodbye to unsecure online file transfer services.

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What this hospital says

"ZIVVER offers a secure channel, checks the recipient, and involves the user in this process. This cogent combination was the deciding factor for us.”

What this municipality says

“We decided to put proper measures in place for privacy. This is important both for citizens and our staff. Secure emailing is a key part of this, and ZIVVER emerged as the clear winner for us.”

What this clinic says

“Our employees are particularly pleased with how simple and fast the software is.”

What this organisation says

“The only solution that gives complete control over our communication flows, from start to finish, is ZIVVER”

What this municipality says

"We agreed to arrange the privacy properly. This is important, both for citizens and for the professionals themselves. Secure emailing is part of this. ZIVVER turned out as the best. "