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Bergman Clinics is the largest network of focus clinics for plannable medical care in the Netherlands. Bergman Clinics has nearly seven hundred permanent employees in total, with an expected expansion to forty clinics and more than fifteen hundred employees in the next few years. The head office in Naarden houses the central IT department, where Colette Haddon is active as a functional application and system administrator. As a project manager, she is responsible for the implementation of ZIVVER at Bergman Clinics.

Colette Haddon

Functional application and system administrator
Bergman Clinics Project manager ZIVVER



Bergman Clinics considers her clients’ privacy as highly important. Therefore, they have decided to send email to clients in an extra secured way via ZIVVER. “Our patients trust that their private information is fully secured”, says Colette Haddon. “Bergman wants to be a trendsetter in this area. A major asset is that employees can securely send privacy sensitive information to all recipients. Besides, this happens fast, and with few extra actions, so our employees are not hindered in their daily work. The feedback we receive from them is mostly positive.”

“The ZIVVER employees are clearly focused on relevant feedback and use this immediately to further improve their service.”

Various conversations with ZIVVER preceded the implementation. “When nearly seven hundred employees start working with a new application, you obviously want to prepare this technically to the last detail”, says Haddon. “The ZIVVER experts anticipate this in various ways. At the implementation, for example, we made use of a number of scenarios. Many of our technical challenges and possible solutions here already clearly described in them. ZIVVER incorporated in these scenarios the insights Bergman Clinics shared. The ZIVVER employees are open to relevant feedback, and use this to further improve their service.”

During the preparation, Haddon discussed possibilities to introduce the new solution to the Bergman Clinics employees. “A solution is no solution if your employees do not want to work with it”, she concludes. “ZIVVER has a number of useful communication tips available for this. How could you address the topic in your correspondence to your colleagues, for instance? There are sample texts available that you could use for this, with a clear description of the various aspects of the solution. ZIVVER also has examples of posters that you could hang in your company. Thanks to these tips and examples, I could quickly compose an effective communication plan, where I opted for communication by email, web app, self-designed posters and various PDF booklets.”

“Thanks to all tips and examples I could quickly compose an effective communication plan together with our marketing department.”

Despite the thorough preparation, the implementation was a bit delayed.

Haddon: “This had a few technical causes. The ZIVVER experts have gone through the implementation process, in collaboration with the hosting service. When the situation caused a delay all the same, ZIVVER acted as a partner to ensure that everything would turn out all right. We considered that a pleasant and correct way of working.”

Bergman Clinics has been working with ZIVVER a considerable time now. Both the management and the employees are very positive about the impact of the new solution.

Our employees are particularly pleased with the simplicity and pace of the solution.

According to Haddon, the positive response of the staff is also caused by the customised implementation plan. “ZIVVER has business rules with lists of risk words for different industries. With these rules, you adjust the operation of the software to your organisation’s wishes. Moreover, you can introduce business rules in phases. During the first phase, our employees are only shown a suggestion in a grey bar. In the next phase, a warning pops up in an orange bar. We have opted to block emails that contain executive files. In this final phase, an error message follows in a red bar (if necessary). Because the employees have had enough time to get used to it, they experience this communication as less intrusive.”

In addition, the ZIVVER helpdesk responds very quickly to questions, according to Haddon. “For instance, when sending one hundred similar emails, you do not want to see the same warning”, she says. After discussions with ZIVVER improvements have been introduced. “We are now looking forward to some improvements in the chat function. After the implementation of these points, our employees and clients can securely use Whatsapp to communicate in 2018. Furthermore, ZIVVER works on options for a digital signature and mailing directly from our Electronic Patient Records (EPR). This makes the solution even more user-friendly for everyone involved.”

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