Corporate guest branding: Secure email powered by ZIVVER but with your organization's visual identity

Your organization has its own visual identity and naturally wishes to have it reflected in all its products and services. That includes the secure email environment provided by ZIVVER. Therefore, organizations can personalize ZIVVER's guest experience in several ways. 

As a result, the recipient recognizes that the secure message comes from your organization. The recognition ensures the recipients that the email comes from a safe source. Corporate guest branding facilitates trust and the successful delivery of your message.

The notification message is the first contact that recipients have with a ZIVVER secure email. The following things can be personalized and thereby contribute to the readership of your message.

  • The email has been sent in the name of the sender;
  • The logo of the organization is visible at the top of the email;
  • Option to place a personalized message at the bottom of the email.

After the recipient has pressed the ZIVVER blue button, he/she will enter the host environment. Without guest branding, recipients will be presented with the ZIVVER logo and the color scheme that is reflected in all our products. At this point, organizations have the option of applying their own visual identity. In this way, the environment looks and feels like a part of the organization for the recipient.

Corporate visual identity for the guest environment: Example and guidelines.

The standard guest environment style consists of ZIVVER's logo and color scheme, as seen in the example below.


This is how the guest environment would look once corporate visual identity is applied.


After unlocking the secure message, the recipient enters the conversation page, which also has the organizations visual identity.


Guest branding is an opt-in feature, and in order to create your organization's branded secure email environment, our UX designers will need the following items:

  • Organization logo in vector. 
  • The color code of the primary color and possibly the secondary color of the organization's visual identity. ZIVVER designers will create a color palette for the branded guest environment based on these colors.
  • Optional: a high-resolution photo for the background on the first screen.

The background in the conversation cannot be personalized due to readability.

Everything you need to know about secure mail

Corporate guest branding is one of ZIVVER’s premium offers, for more information about our product solutions please visit the Secure Email site below.

Go to our secure email page

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