Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Email and File Transfer Security

When people think about email security, they typically associate it with widely reported hacking incidents, often nefarious in nature. These breaches tend to be higher in profile for a multitude of reasons, but actually account for a lower percentage of data breaches overall. For many organizations, the biggest threat to protecting privacy-sensitive data simply comes down to human error by staff.

We all make mistakes, whether we admit it or not

On any given day mistakes will happen at work. The average employee receives upwards of 120 emails every single day, often significantly more. It’s only natural that occasionally an error involving outgoing emails to contacts or customers will occur. Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA2018) came into effect last year, proper handling of privacy-sensitive data for an organization is more vital than ever. But how do you minimize, if not completely eliminate, the risk of human error?

"With both people and computers on the job, computer error can be more quickly tracked down and corrected by people and, conversely, human error can be more quickly corrected by computers. What it amounts to is that nothing serious can happen unless human error and computer error take place simultaneously. And that hardly ever happens." ~ Isaac Asimov

A "Triple Safe" email security solution 

ZIVVER recognizes the pressing need for organizations to safeguard data more robustly while taking measures to prevent email mistakes before they occur. Thousands of organizations are currently using ZIVVER as an email security tool throughout their entire communication process (before, during and after sending a file). It is these three steps that ZIVVER refers to as their ‘triple safe’ solution, and helps distinguish them in the industry.

Their innovative software can be tailored for all types of entities, from an individual entrepreneur to large companies with more than ten thousand employees. ZIVVER puts the user in control, caution warnings are displayed as needed but without hindering productivity. The software integrates seamlessly with popular email clients such as Outlook and is designed to be user-friendly.

GDPR & DPA violations can be costly in more ways than one

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is nearly over but the consequences inflicted from an accidental data breach can extend far beyond a month, and even last years. There is not only a serious risk of long-term reputational damage and general loss of trust, but also steep fines. Many businesses simply cannot recover from such an incident after it occurs, even if the breach was unintentional. You can read about some recent GDPR violations and the corresponding financial penalties here.

Preventative measures with respect to data protection really is the key. ZIVVER simplifies how your organization sends secure communications, while protecting both data and people.

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