Introducing open conversation starters! A powerful new feature from ZIVVER.

One of ZIVVER's most convenient and unique features is the conversation starter. It allows people who don't have an account (guest users) to take the initiative for a conversation with a ZIVVER user, in the same secure email environment. It protects both senders and recipients from possible data leaks caused by guest users.

Until recently, ZIVVER provided only personal conversation starters. This type of conversation starter enables subscribers to allow anyone without a ZIVVER account to start a secure dialog with a specific contact within your organization. This feature allows:

  • Choosing a specific person to be the recipient of emails sent via the conversation starter, as well as the email subject;
  • The inclusion of a personalized text to be displayed once the conversation starts;
  • Sharing the conversation starter on your organization's website under an 'email me securely' button;
  • Sharing the conversation starter in the recipients' standard email signature.

Although convenient, personal conversation starters have its limitations. In order to give guest users more flexibility, we developed open conversation starters. This type of conversation starter enables subscribers to allow anyone without a ZIVVER account to start a secure dialog with any contact within your organization. This feature allows:

  • Non-ZIVVER users to start secured conversations with anyone within your organization by inputting the recipients' email;
  • Non-ZIVVER users to stipulate the secured conversation subject.
  • Assigning one specific recipient for all secured conversations in which the sender does not possess a direct email contact;
  • Sharing the conversation starter on your organizations' website.

Both conversation starters are available as an add-on to a ZIVVER subscription. We are currently working on additional features and improvements to make the ZIVVER experience even more effective, intuitive, and inclusive!

Everything you need to know about secure mail

For more details about ZIVVER's secure email services, refer to the link below.

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