We are happy to announce our Chief Technology Officer: Idan York.

Idan will be responsible for vision outlining and implementation of technological strategies that align with ZIVVER’s expansion objectives.

“We are incredibly happy to add Idan to our team. His experience, from both a technological perspective and growing teams and companies all over the world, also to the level of IPO, is very valuable in the years to come. It’s great to see that his energy and leadership is a real inspiration and motivation for the development and product teams”. - Rick Goud, CEO / Founder.

Idan York’s personal and professional life is nothing short of fascinating. From sailing around the world and driving Formula1 race cars, to working for names that many people dream of such as N.A.S.A. and Apple. We couldn’t be happier to have a professional of his caliber joining our team.

With decades of leadership experience, Idan has helped many companies to rapidly scale. He attributes his astonishing success to his holistic approach to rebuilding entire IT infrastructures, with focus on privacy and security, scalability, performance, reliability, and the creation of platforms that accommodate extreme users demands. In addition to leading global IT teams, and redesigning processes and strategies from the ground up; Idan has been involved in reshaping company cultures making them more linear and less hierarchical.

A perfect example of an incredible achievement, is Idan’s collaboration with the digital production company Media Monks. He rebuilt the entire IT infrastructure making it robust and scalable, he also helped to modernize the company’s culture, making it more attractive to a new generation of professionals. The results were impressive, within one year Media Monks grew from 100 employees to 900; Idan helped set up 10 new offices around the world, and closed deals with powerhouse names such as Pixar, Disney, and Netflix.

His humble, accessible, and hands-on leadership style earns him the respect of everyone he works with; combined with his vision and incredible expertise makes Idan York a perfect match with ZIVVER. He is already shaking things up by working with the developers to change the number of possible email recipients from 25 to unlimited. He is an invaluable asset that will help us grow faster and more efficiently.

We are thrilled to have him on board, and we are looking forward to implementing his visionary ideas to help ZIVVER achieve our ambitious expansion goals.

“ ZIVVER is bringing solutions that are not just a need, but a necessity for conducting business today and even more in the future. I am certain that ZIVVER will become a worldwide reference in secure digital communication sooner rather than later. This will be quite a ride, I am optimistic and excited!” - Idan York.

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