We are happy to introduce our new VP of Global Sales: Chris Brown

"ZIVVER is entering new markets at high speed. We intend to lead in those markets. With Chris, we bring in a senior leader who has done this before multiple times. We love that he is not ‘just’ about sales. Chris has a deep, hands-on understanding of the problems our customers face and of the market space and a very inspirational and credible leader for our fast growing sales force."  Rick Goud, CEO/Founder

Chris could not have joined us at a better time. His expertise and rapid growth mindset in leading global sales teams make him a perfect fit with ZIVVER's current expansion objectives. He has helped several companies scale from local, all the way to international presence rapidly. He attributes his success to his aptness for identifying the ideal message that resonates with multiple clients, as well as an understanding of business cultural diversity in different markets.

His initial goal at ZIVVER is to create an unbeatable sales machine with the correct structure, leadership, and methodology that can be replicated throughout the world. He sees no reason why ZIVVER cannot become a reference in the secured digital communication sector worldwide.

That is what he is aiming for by helping in the alignment of all departments with one common goal which is sustainable, fast pace growth. He prides himself in his ability to quickly identify problems and roadblocks, which he addresses proactively with creativity and resourcefulness.

Chris conveys to his clients and co-workers a strong sense of discipline, loyalty, and trust which he credits to his 12 years of military service for the British air force. Additionally, Chris has a strong background in IT security technology. He has held titles such as Senior Security Engineer at McAfee and Director of IT Security, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance at Symantec. Both companies are pioneers and leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

Chris Brown's vast experience in sales and IT security makes him the ideal leader for ZIVVER's sales teams. We all have a thing or two to learn from him, and we look forward to putting his vision and methods into action to achieve our ambitious goals.

“I was attracted to ZIVVER as I saw a solution that was fixing a real business issue, making what is sometimes a confusing and complex problem very simple for end users to understand and address. I believe we will see mass adoption of ZIVVER, globally across all Industry verticals, helping not just enterprise clients but individuals to communicate securely and seamlessly” - Chris Brown.



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Idans welcome blog (2)

We are happy to announce our Chief Technology Officer: Idan York.

Idan will be responsible for vision outlining and implementation of technological strategies that align with ZIVVER’s expansion objectives. […]

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