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Zivver Listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for Email Security

LONDON and AMSTERDAM – Zivver, a leading secure digital communication provider, announced today that it has been identified as a Representative Vendor for Email Data Protection Specialists in Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for Email Security. […]

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Rick Goud

My promotion from CEO to CIO

I am proud to announce that I have handed over the CEO reins of Zivver to Wouter Klinkhamer. In my new position as CIO I will focus more on where my passion and strength lies: innovation and translating problems into solutions with technology. The new Zivver Meet service for safe video calling is a good example of how quickly we can innovate and is therefore a nice […]

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How to safeguard data and comply with the GDPR and similar legislation

With the GDPR in effect for some time now, organizations must ensure that their products, services and processes are GDPR compliant as well. The optimal way to do this with current and future business initiatives is by establishing a culture of privacy by design and default in your organization, as well as perform a privacy impact assessment (PIA) as needed. We like to […]

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Five lessons from a successful scale-up SaaS company (as featured on the ABN Amro website)

It’s the dream of every start-up: making the leap to scale-up as quickly as possible. ZIVVER did just that. Since its inception in 2015, the Dutch SaaS company has been changing the world of information security at an unparalleled pace. Hospitals, municipalities, insurers, accountants, law firms and other government and commercial organizations are embracing the […]

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5 top GDPR compliance challenges, and what you can do about them

If your organization is struggling to comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR, you can take some comfort in knowing you’re definitely not alone. Some studies have shown close to half of companies in many countries are not fully compliant with their national data protection requirements. But what are the compliance challenges these companies are […]

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) vs California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

In a recent blog post we explained how the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on the 1st of January, 2020, after it was signed into law in 2018. This consumer protection legislation, the most robust yet in the United States, was essentially modelled after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, which went into effect in […]

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Privacy Shield ZIVVER

Statement: The end of Privacy Shield doesn’t impact ZIVVER

Recently the European Union Court of Justice ruled that the Privacy Shield is no longer valid, which sent shockwaves in the industry. The Privacy Shield, which many organizations utilized for transferring data from the EU to the US, was determined to not provide enough protection of personal data.  […]

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While the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU has been in place for a few years now, other countries and regions have adopted their own version of enhanced privacy legislation to keep up with the pace of change.  One such region is California. The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), is modeled after the GDPR in many respects, but there are also […]

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8 reasons telemedicine is making headlines now

It should come as no surprise that telemedicine, sometimes referred to as telehealth or eHealth, has been featured prominently in the news lately. That’s because healthcare systems and professionals are seeking safe alternatives to provide patient care in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While only a fraction of people worldwide have used telemedicine for […]

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ZIVVER’s secure communication platform is a market leader

When it comes to safeguarding data, you have to first look at the root cause of most breaches. Around the globe, human error is consistently the top cause of data leaks, so it’s important to have a security platform that can effectively tackle this. Many companies claim to offer solutions, few actually deliver on providing top flight security alongside […]

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typing on laptop secure email

Remote workforce? Stay secure while preventing data leaks

Minimize needless stress and optimize business efficiency  Businesses worldwide have quickly shifted to a remote workforce, in response to social distancing measures introduced to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While many governments initially announced measures lasting up to several weeks, it is now expected that social distancing will be in […]

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Work from home securely by following these simple tips

The battle against the Coronavirus has entered a new phase. Many governments have asked employees - if at all possible - to work from home to prevent further spreading of the virus. Working from home sounds appealing to most people: no rush getting to the office, working in your pajama pants, always your favorite coffee at hand. It is fortunate that many organizations […]

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Improve your Office 365 security with ZIVVER

Prevent data leaks, improve compliance and save on costs when you combine the flexibility of Office 365 with the enhanced security of ZIVVER!  Did you know that Office 365 is the most popular cloud-based office solution used by enterprises across the globe today? There are currently over 180 million subscribers worldwide and growing. Office 365 has achieved this market […]

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The secret to thwarting data leaks? Securing your outbound email.

Did you know that over 160,000 data breaches have been reported across the EU since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018? That amounts to hundreds of incidents every single day. While some of these data breaches generate headlines, such as the massive Marriott International or British Airways incidents (currently under appeal), the […]

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Gmail Chrome extension testing is underway

ZIVVER is pleased to announce that we are in the process of Beta testing a new Gmail Chrome extension for our customers, designed to improve the ZIVVER experience for G Suite and Gmail users. After a successful testing period, we will make this server-side enhancement available. […]

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ZIVVER CEO and Co-founder, Rick Goud, featured in Networking+

Since the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations across the EU (including the UK) have faced increasing pressure to comply with the provisions outlined in the legislation. Failure to do so runs the risk of incurring hefty fines for each violation, plus the long-lasting reputational damage that can arise from data breaches. […]

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Preventing human errors when emailing is the key to stopping data leaks

Did you know that on average, employees spend over two hours per day dealing with 130 business emails? The research of the Radicati Institute shows that over 300 billion emails are sent every day. With an expected yearly growth of more than 4%, email will remain the pre-eminent form of communication used by organizations for at least the next decade. Many companies […]

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Data Protection Day, Everyday.

Did you know that the first Data Protection Day took place in Europe on the 28th of January in 2007? The chosen date was not a coincidence, as it was on the 28th of January in 1981 that the first internationally recognized data privacy and protection legislation, known as Convention 108, was signed into law by the Council of Europe. […]

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Secure your communications with ZIVVER’s new self-service feature

Securing email can be crossed off the company to-do list in less time than it will take to read this blog post, thanks to ZIVVER’s new self-service feature for small and medium-sized businesses […]

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Security awareness in perpetuity

To protect against cyber security threats, every organization should view their workforce as the first line of defense. After all, many security incidents are caused by human errors, such as becoming a victim of a phishing attack, sharing sensitive information with the wrong recipient, or accidently installing a virus on a shared drive. No matter how many […]

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The_advantages_of_Email_vs_Fax and_Snail_Mail_zivver_blog_en

The Advantages of Email vs. Fax and Snail Mail

Before email came into popularity, fax transmissions presented the only way to send written communication quickly. They could provide paper printouts in a few short minutes over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Nowadays, email has become the preferred method of communication. Consequently, most companies have entirely abandoned fax machines. […]

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Data_Breach_vs. Data_leak_explained_zivve_blog_en

Data breach vs. Data leak explained

You probably remember when Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg testified before the American Congress and UK lawmakers regarding the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal. The political consulting firm harvested raw data from 87 million Facebook profiles while working for Donald Trump's presidential campaign in 2016. You might also recall the massive data breach […]

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Encryption for beginners 2: PGP and Hashing

If you want to prevent unintended recipients from gaining access to emails containing sensitive personal data, it is imperative to use encryption. Encryption is an interesting and yet complex subject, not widely understood by the general public. We started covering the topic with the encryption for beginners 1 blog post, in which we highlighted the differences between […]

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Encryption for Beginners_locks_ZIVVER_email

Encryption for Beginners 1: (A)symmetric encryption

Most people don't realize how easily an email can be sent to the wrong recipient. A typo in the address, a mistake in the configuration of a server, the wrong name selected from the automatic address book: they are all simple and common mistakes. In addition to the human error element, there is always a risk that hackers could compromise the mail server of a provider […]

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ZIVVER set to expand its sales channel for email security in the UK

Fresh off a media tour to support the recent launch of ZIVVER’s secure email and file transfer solutions in the United Kingdom, ZIVVER is poised to announce new channel partners shortly. These partners will help support the company’s aggressive growth strategy in 2020 and beyond. […]

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Email and File Transfer Security

When people think about email security, they typically associate it with widely reported hacking incidents, often nefarious in nature. These breaches tend to be higher in profile for a multitude of reasons, but actually account for a lower percentage of data breaches overall. For many organizations, the biggest threat to protecting privacy-sensitive data simply comes […]

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How_does_the_Data_Protection_Act_2018_DPA 2018_supplement_the_GDPR_in_he_UK_ZIVVER_EN_blog

How does the Data Protection Act 2018 supplement the GDPR in the UK?

Overview:  Makes the previous data protection laws fit for the digital age when an increasing amount of data is now being processed. Empowers individuals to take control of their own data. Supports Organisations and UK businesses with this change. Ensures the UK is ready for the future after BREXIT. DCMS Secretary of State, Matt Hancock stated: "The Data Protection Act […]

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File Transfer: Debunking 3 Myths

It’s almost a regular topic on the news: organizations that lose a USB flash drive. How does this happen? Recently, a well-willing member of the GGD (Dutch Municipal Health Service) recently sent a USB flash drive with detailed information about a specific family via the post. Upon receipt of the package, it turned out there was a hole in the envelope and the USB flash […]

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5 practical tips to securely share personal data

Tip 1: Make sure the policy is clear What information do you need to send securely? Through which channel and with what security? Employees want to do things the right way, but don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel per situation. They have other things to tend to! So give them a clear overview of all the types of information your organization shares. Add a roadmap […]

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All it takes is one human error to compromise your organization's reputation

Professionals understand the value of their companies' reputation. Firms with a powerful and positive reputation attract better employees, partners, and clients. They're regarded as offering additional value, which usually allows them to impose a premium. Customers tend to be more dedicated and purchase broader ranges of services and products. As the industry believes […]

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