Meet Fleur!

1 min read - published on 26 March 2020

She first worked as a flex contractor and now works full time as a Recruiter at ZIVVER!


At ZIVVER we work together with Studentflex, an employment agency. They introduce us to highly motivated and talented students who are seeking a part-time job. We like to see students grow and help them find out what they would like to do after their studies.

If they are interested in working full-time at ZIVVER, and we see a match with an (open) role and their background and skills, then we love to get them on board!

Today Fleur, our Recruiter, will share her story with us!

When and why did you join ZIVVER?

I joined ZIVVER in October 2019 as a Junior Recruiter. I graduated from my masters ‘Policy, Organization and Communication’ in June and was working part-time at a recruitment agency. Because of this job I knew that I was interested in working as a Recruiter. I wanted, however, to experience what it would entail to work as an in-house recruiter. During my search for a job, I spoke to Studentflex, and they introduced me to ZIVVER. I was really enthusiastic after my interview and luckily they were as well, so I was offered the job!

And now you work full-time at ZIVVER, how did that go?

At first, I would stay 3 months to help create & improve recruitment processes. I really enjoyed my work and working at ZIVVER. So I was super happy when they asked if I wanted to stay on at ZIVVER as a Recruiter. After 3 months part-time on a Studentflex contract, I got the opportunity to travel 1,5 months through Central America. After my travels I started working at ZIVVER full-time! 

What do you like about working at ZIVVER?

I like my work, every day is different. Because we are growing so quickly, we’re looking for a lot of new colleagues to join us. Therefore, I speak to people who are specialized in many different fields, including marketing, customer success, development and people. I find the diversity in my role very interesting. When I started there was no recruitment team, so myself and Leroy (Head of Recruitment) have a lot of freedom to establish new processes. Next to my work, I like the culture at ZIVVER. It’s an international company so you interact with people all over the world. I also appreciate that people can be themselves at work, I find that really important!