Virtual Onboarding new ZIVVYs!

2 min read - published on 23 June 2020

In the month April, we were thrilled to welcome four new ZIVVYS in our Customer Success Team! The people team created a virtual onboarding program so that we could introduce them to their new colleagues as well as our ZIVVER way of working.  We asked them to share their first impressions of working at ZIVVER.

Meet our new ZIVVYs and read their responses below:

Joy (User Representative) 

Onboarding at ZIVVER was quite the experience. I had never expected to go from ‘Oops, we weren’t supposed to shake hands, ha-ha,’ at my final interview to meeting you all for the first time on a screen. With how unique (and at times challenging) the current situation is, I’m beyond grateful to the ZIVVER team, who made it possible for me to start my new job one month ago. I’m currently learning as much as I can about ZIVVER’s products, providing support to our end users, and I’m working on a project for

What a month it has been. I've seen a lot of digital faces and digital smiles, there have been digital beers, digital talk of cats (apparently there’s such a thing as a ‘Cat Boat’?!), and digital Corona haircuts. All in all, I’m greatly impressed with all the ZIVVYs I’ve met so far. I have no doubt they will all continue to impress me. I look forward to meeting everybody in The Real World.

Cyp (User Representative) 

My onboarding program started at ZIVVER HQ and ended in my small room in Leiden, so this has been a very dynamic experience for me. Under the lead of Loet, Stefan and the other User Reps, getting to know the ins and outs of ZIVVER was easy. Together with Joy, I finished the onboarding program two weeks ago. As I find out every day there is always more to learn about ZIVVER. By the way, working from home is not that bad (I can get up one hour later than usual). I enjoy being part of ZIVVER and really looking forward to my first real-life TGIF beer in the Hummingbar! Hope to see everybody soon!

Niels (Customer Success Manager) 

Onboarding experience 3.0! Because of the current situation my start with ZIVVER was all virtual. I was afraid it would be something like alcohol free (Corona) beer but the experience exceeded all my expectations. I’ve met a large number of colleagues and everyone was kind and very helpful.

A big thank you to all the ZIVVYs! They made me feel more than welcome and I am proud to be part of this great adventure.

Although the virtual onboarding was the best experience I could have hoped for I can’t wait to meet everyone in the Hummingbar.

Chloé (Customer Success Manager) 

Starting a new job during a lock-down crisis: "How does that look like?". Well, I can tell you it exceeded all my expectations in the most positive way. The past two weeks I have felt very welcomed into the ZIVVER community. A special thanks to everyone involved in the onboarding program for introducing me to the ZIVVER way of working and to catch a first glance of my new colleagues from your home offices. Very excited to work with the Customer Success team to help fire up this rocket!