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Epe municipality has been paying ample attention to information security and privacy since about three years. “Good information provision is necessary to get a grip on everything that is going on within the social domain”, says Patrick Boon, project manager Information provision. “The GDPR accentuates the existing legislation. We were already attentive to this, but this gives even more priority to our activities in this area.” According to Boon, paying attention to information security and privacy is a process that is ongoing. “We are always working on it and we keep on discovering new areas of interest that need to be involve. For example, recently we have given our contract structure a new look.”

*Patrick’s assignment has ended in the meantime. Therefore, he is no longer employed by Epe municipality.


Focus on privacy

Boon says that they started a training programme three years ago with the municipality and various chain partners within the social domain. The purpose was to increase people’s awareness of carefully dealing with privacy sensitive information. This led to knowledge, skills and mutual agreements concerning communication. “We agreed to arrange the privacy properly. This is important, both for citizens and for the professionals themselves. Secure emailing is part of this. We have prepared a programme of requirements, that we took to the market. ZIVVER turned out as the best. Particularly because of the intuitive use and the intelligence of the system. ZIVVER alert the employee about the privacy sensitivity of information, based on a pre-entered list of words. For instance, when you type the term Citizen Service Number in an email, immediately a notification pops up, telling you that you are possible working with privacy sensitive information, that must be sent securely.”

Fast and good implementation

Boon explains that implementation of ZIVVER was done by Solviteers. For this, the Solviteers consultant went the complete programme with the project team and explained all its application options. “The dashboard is completely clear. We know what the options are and what we want to use now and perhaps later.” ZIVVER is a SaaS-solution so the ultimate implementation could be realised easily and fast. “In fact, only a connection with Outlook has to be made, therefore this went very smoothly. For the time being, only the employees active within the social domain work with ZIVVER. In short sessions they have been familiarised with ZIVVER.”

“ZIVVER functions extraordinarily simple. It is intuitive and takes you along, as it were.”

Audit logs

The audit logs, in which all user activities can be read again, is a nice asset of ZIVVER, according to Boon. “Here, you can see which of the employees use it and who does not.” The latter is obviously unwise. Within Epe municipality, a privacy officer has been appointed who makes employees aware of the need for information security. “The package has been in used recently. We will see how this goes. The ultimate goal is that all employees will work with ZIVVER.” Boon is satisfied with how Solviteers has introduced ZIVVER. “They took us by the hand, as it were. Now that Solviteers is ready, I am convinced that we will get maximum result of the package. Besides, it is a pleasant thought that there is a helpdesk we can fall back on.”

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