Working at ZIVVER - part 4: Inclusive

Sarea (Front-end Developer): "ZIVVER feels like my second home."

Since the moment I read about ZIVVER, I understood their mission and liked the idea. This feeling got stronger during each interview. I became more and more enthusiastic to join the team.

Portret_Sarea_2I started in November 2017 and in no time I felt truly included in the team and company. Thanks to the atmosphere here, ZIVVER feels like my second home. The people at ZIVVER are really open and warm. They make me feel comfortable, spirited and productive! Our core values pragmatic, inclusive and great are the solid roots for every idea we have and its origins mean everything to ZIVVER. These core values are like the mind, heart and body. Besides that I feel included, I relate easily to being pragmatic. I’m pragmatic when I describe a plan or a solution by taking a realistic approach and being honest in every thought to enhance product quality. I do so with limitless ambition.

This is what I experience in my private life too. For example, being honest in any relationship makes me calmer from the outset. This gives me the feeling that this relationship will be strong and that I won’t regret it in the future.

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