Working at ZIVVER - part 1: Great

Francis (marketeer): “At ZIVVER, I get energized by the people who believe in making a change with a can-do mentality!”

I’m Francis, Marketeer at ZIVVER since October 2016. I’m only 26 years old, but somehow I’m one of the ‘old ones’ around the office. That means that I was here before ZIVVER was used by thousands of people. I guess back then our software was used by twenty people in total... The fifteen people working here at the time and our five customers. I realize a lot has changed. Not only in regard to our growth but also regarding my job.

Since the start I’ve enjoyed the entrepreneurial vibe at ZIVVER. People wanting to make a difference and having a can-do mentality. My job as marketeer, that started out as sending a single newsletter and some social posts, became building an inbound marketing funnel with customer centric content. And it works: we’ve got an engaged audience and are generating leads as a result. ZIVVER gave me this responsibility. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come by often.

The three core values are rooted in everything we do. The successes are part of hard work that didn’t always come easy. You haven’t done this before? You don’t know what to do in this situation? We neither. So come up with an idea or proposal, we look at it together and then make it a success. To make your idea great, you should be pragmatic and include others from different perspectives.

For me personally and professionally the ‘go big or go home’ part of great fits best. I like direct communication and no fussing around. Going straight to the core of what you want to accomplish has gotten me this far. It results in an empowering feeling. And this approach gets me to do new things, experience that there is no limit if I just do it. It’s like jumping off a plane 5 km in the air with your eyes wide open!


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