Working at ZIVVER - part 1: Inclusive

Christiaan (solutions expert): “At previous jobs, I’ve never experienced this feeling of coming home.”

Has it just been a few months? Yes, it has. I started working at ZIVVER at the end of 2017 with the primary task to support our customers. We support our customers in different phases. During the project phase we are focused on activating our customers through extensive training of users, administrators and the IT department. Afterwards we stay closely in touch with our customers to answer upcoming questions while using our product.

49D875D0-648F-479A-834C-1153371AA91F.jpegWhat I like about ZIVVER is a combination of factors. I experience our three core values to be pragmatic, inclusive and great as being part of the way we work. We don’t have all the answers ready but we always search for a solution. Also if this means we need to do more than we expected. I like the dynamic organization that understands the value of innovation and includes me in contributing to the further development of the product and the organization. I like the entrepreneurial characteristics that ZIVVER looks for in the role of support employees.

The drive to innovate creates a dynamic environment which makes me feel at ease. I felt very welcome from the moment I set foot in the office. I’ve worked at several organizations but I’ve never experienced this feeling of coming home. At ZIVVER, I never had the feeling that I had to adapt myself to certain people, habits or rituals. I can just be myself. This is by far the most valuable aspect of my experience with working at ZIVVER. We are a no-nonsense organization where we can have an actual laugh with our directors. Sometimes, quite a good one. We work hard, play hard and I am having a blast! We are great because every day we aim to improve our product and offer even better service than the day before. We listen, we research, we solve, we learn and we evolve.


Are you, like Christiaan, enthusiastic about supporting others in multiple ways in a fun and dynamic environment?

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