Research shows that ZIVVER is the best solution for safe emailing

Innovative tech-company prevents data leaks and secures the sending of privacy-sensitive info

Amsterdam, 4 July 2016 – In order to protect everyone against unsafe use of privacy-sensitive information, the reporting duty of data leaks has been established since 1ste January 2016. The urgency for companies to prevent sensitive personal and business information from falling into the wrong hands is significant. After all, no one wants (reputational) damage and a fine of up to 820,000 Euros. The report ‘Safe emailing in healthcare’, published today, shows that ZIVVER is the most complete solution for preventing data leaks and, if something does happen to go wrong, to fix the problem.


‘Dear Henk, please find attached the healthcare data of our 1,900 inhabitants…’ The heart rate of the government official of the municipality of Amersfoort concerned was probably racing when he realised the email with confidential information hadn’t been sent to Henk, but to someone else. Data leaks: the examples at governmental institutions and companies are piling up. Where it recently went wrong, the municipality of Amersfoort and three hospitals, is only the tip of the iceberg, as Wilbert Tomesen of the Dutch Data Protection Authority confirms.


Organisations must report data leaks

As of 1 January 2016, it has been obligatory to report leaks of privacy-sensitive data and mistakes can’t just be swept under the rug. But especially in this age of non-stop emailing, chat messages and sharing documents, a mistake is easily made. Company-sensitive information that is emailed to the wrong person, patient data shared through unsafe channels…resulting in high fines, up to 820,000 Euros, and (reputational) damage. Is it a matter of securing technology better? Possibly. But it’s more effective to also prevent human error. After all, these are most often the causes of data leaks. In about 30% of the cases, inattention, in any way whatsoever, is the cause of the mistake. ZIVVER prevents those human errors and keeps hackers at bay.


According to the report ‘Safe emailing in healthcare’, ZIVVER is the best choice

The Regionaal Zorg Communicatie Centrum (Regional Healthcare Communication Centre – RZCC) compared four safe email services used in healthcare, following the new requirement in the Dutch Data Protection Act to prevent data leaks where possible and take suitable measures when they do occur. This report demonstrates that ZIVVER is the best. The services were compared on the basis of properties such as (technological) safety, prevention of data leaks, implementation, costs and ease of use. According to the report, “ZIVVER provides the most complete protection against data leaks and is the most user-friendly for varying target groups (health care providers, external persons and the clients). The added value compared to the other suppliers is primarily located in the prevention of an important cause of data leaks: human error and the awareness/learning effect for employees and the organisation.”, hence the report.


“We call that Triple Safe.”

“I see that everyone shares privacy-sensitive information via email, Dropbox, WhatsApp and WeTransfer,” says Rick Goud, co-founder of ZIVVER. “And why? Because there’s no way to send and share files both easily and safely, as the existing programs never offer a complete solution. It’s either only safe or only user-friendly. ZIVVER was started in April 2015 from the idea to combine those aspects and to add a third component: the prevention and tracing of human errors. In doing so, you give organisations a tool to prevent data leaks and manage risks. When sending and sharing privacy-sensitive information with ZIVVER, you prevent human error, you make sure that no one – including hackers – can read your message, you can recall messages and mistakes are reported. That means you’re in control, before, during and after sharing the information. We call that Triple Safe.” The first implementations have now been conducted. Rick: “We are already active in healthcare and will soon start pilots at municipalities, accountants and lawyers. We’ve noticed that now the notification duty exists, organisations are looking for a truly safe, but also in particular user-friendly solution such as ZIVVER.”


ZIVVER prevents scenarios such as those in Amersfoort

In terms of the error at the municipality of Amersfoort, yes, ZIVVER could have prevented that. The sender could have received a notification within seconds. The incorrect email address of the recipient would have led to the following notification: ‘Unknown recipient for this type of information’. A question about the citizen service numbers would also have been asked: ‘Message contains citizen service numbers. Are the addresses correct?’. And in addition to those great features, ZIVVER also gives you the opportunity to retrieve an email if you do make a mistake. The government official concerned could have rectified his mistake immediately, immediately averting the storm on the horizon.


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