Safe communication service ZIVVER obtains first Privacy Verified certificate

Amsterdam, 12 July 2016: ICTPrivacyrecht, part of ICTRecht, has awarded the very first Privacy Verified certificate to the innovative and safe communication service ZIVVER. This certificate is issued to organisations that have gone through an intensive privacy audit and have proven that they adhere to all relevant privacy legislation and regulations. With this certificate, ZIVVER shows that it correctly processes, shares and uses personal data and that privacy is safeguarded.


ZIVVER is an innovative Dutch company with a unique communication solution for the safe and easy sharing of sensitive information via chat messages, emails and file transfer. One of its features is that ZIVVER helps to prevent data leaks caused by human error, the main source of data leaks. The service offers ‘Triple Safe’ protection before, during and after sharing the information. Therefore, the user’s trust in the safety and privacy of shared (personal) data is very important to ZIVVER.


Wouter Klinkhamer, director of ZIVVER: “We opt for Privacy Verified particularly because of that last word: Verified. We want to make absolutely sure that we meet international best practices in the field of privacy. And we don’t just want to say that we’re safe, but also demonstrate it. Privacy Verified is not about intentions, but about what we actually do in practice. That’s what it’s about!”


For Privacy Verified, the company has been tested by means of the latest privacy legislation and regulations. This is an extensive process in which both the front and back of the company have been inspected. A check was performed on the privacy statement and SSL connection, but the employees were also extensively interviewed regarding their handling of privacy-sensitive data. This is because a data leak or privacy violation often also has a human component and this aspect should be investigated. Additionally, all processing agreements have been inventoried and systems have been inspected and found to be privacy safe. This makes safe communication service ZIVVER the first company to carry the Privacy Verified certificate.