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Secure email

Secure mailing, the easy way

Causes of data leaks are sending information to the wrong person, hacked mailboxes and sneak peeking

When is emailing truly secure? If your organisation is protected against the three main causes of data breaches:

  • Accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong person;
  • Messages being intercepted because of an unsecure connection;
  • Hacking email accounts protected with weak passwords.

Protect your organisation against these risks. Users don’t need to change the way they work or switch email client. Join the thousands of people across hundreds of organisations who use ZIVVER every day.

Causes of data leaks are sending information to the wrong person, hacked mailboxes and sneak peeking
Example of a secure message with a warning of a human error

Avoid errors of employees

To prevent human errors, ZIVVER’s smart technology alerts you before you send an email that contains sensitive information. Reduce the likelihood of selecting the wrong recipient and of sending sensitive information unsecurely.

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Check the recipient

When you share sensitive information online, you only want the intended recipient to have access. With our two-factor authentication (2FA), the recipient receives a secure access code. Without this, unauthorised people cannot gain access to sensitive information, even if the mailbox has been hacked or the device stolen.

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Protect your messages against hackers with our strong encryption and privacy by design

Encrypted against hackers

With ZIVVER you choose a future-proof solution to prevent data breaches and keep hackers out. Automatic TLS-secured connections and asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption offer protection. Because of this, ZIVVER cannot view the content of messages attachments. Confidential is truly confidential.

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Maintain control over organizational information through reports and logs

Keep control of information

With ZIVVER you always keep control of your email messages. You can see whether messages have been read and - in case of a mistake - you can revoke them. If you suspect a data breach, ZIVVER’s audit and communications logs let you find out what happened. You can also recall the message to minimise the damage, as well as to meet your obligation to report data breaches.

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Demo of secure email with ZIVVER on various devices

Start today with secure email

Select the best plan for your organization. With our Start, Professional and Ultimate packages there is always a plan that suits your needs.

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Demo of secure email with ZIVVER on various devices

Emailing as usual, but safe

Really safe and easy to use

Example of secure message in an email program you know and trust
Secure mailing from your own e-mail address

From your own email address

With ZIVVER you use your own, familiar email address. You won’t use a @zivver email address.

Mail safely from your familiar programme such as Outlook

Keep your existing software

With ZIVVER you work securely within your normal environment (such as Outlook). ZIVVER works on desktop, iOS and Android.

Detecting sensitive information

Flag anomalous recipients

ZIVVER identifies sensitive information and analyses the intended recipient, notifying you if an addressee has not received a particular type of sensitive information before.

Warning in case of unusual recipients prevents the human error

Alert in case of ‘conspicuous recipients’

ZIVVER combines the identification of sensitive information with the analysis of the intended recipient. You receive an alert if ‘conspicuous recipients’ have not yet received this type of sensitive information before.

If you make a mistake, you can revoke the message to limit the damage

Revoking messages

You always keep control of sent messages. You can see whether the messages have been read and can revoke them at any time. This way, you quickly stop potential breaches.

Transferring files up to 5TB

Transferring files up to 5TB

Transfer files up to 5TB right from your regular email client, regardless of any mailbox restrictions. Say goodbye to unsecure online file transfer services.

Familiar and intuitive look and feel

Familiar and intuitive look and feel

ZIVVER fits in as well as possible with the user experience of your email solution. Outlook only shows an extra ZIVVER toolbar at the top of the screen.

Mail securely to anyone

Secure mailing to everyone in the world

Anyone can receive, reply to, copy, and download secure email messages. Even without their own account. For each email, the recipient receives a notification which directs to the secure guest environment.

Strong encryption

Strong encryption

Automatic TLS-secured connections and asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption offer protection. Confidential is truly confidential.

Two factor authentication (2FA) recipients

Two factor authentication (2FA) recipients

2FA is standard on all ZIVVER accounts, and optional when sending messages. The recipient will receive a code by text message. Mobile number unknown? Use an access code.

Available on desktop and mobile devices

On desktop and mobile devices

ZIVVER is available both on desktops and mobile devices. This makes ZIVVER perfect to use at work, at home and on the go. Simply download the app for secure emailing on your mobile phone and tablet.

Customize the design for your guest environment

Your company logo for guest environment

For each secure email, the recipient receives a notification message directing to the secure guest environment. To increase the recognisability and reliability of messages, add your company logo.

Supports functional accounts

Functional accounts

Employees of specific departments use functional accounts as well (e.g. They gain access to a functional account with their personal account.

Easy login via SSO

Easy login via SSO

Users log in easily and securely with a simple single sign-on solution (SSO). ZIVVER can help your IT department with the one-off installation.

API to connect to other systems

Connectable with other systems

With the API, applications have the option to connect to ZIVVER.

Understanding risks

Understanding risks

ZIVVER provides insight into the use of secure mailing. In addition, audit and communication logs record all operations – from management to sent emails.

Comply with standards and legislation

Comply with standards and legislation

With ZIVVER you communicate securely in compliance with GDPR, ISO27001/2 and industry-specific standards.

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"ZIVVER offers a secure channel, checks the recipient, and involves the user in this process. This cogent combination was the deciding factor for us.”

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“We started looking for a new way to communicate securely. After a thorough investigation, ZIVVER came out as the best solution.”

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"Our employees are particularly pleased with how simple and fast the software is."

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“The only solution that gives complete control over our communication flows, from start to finish, is ZIVVER”

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“We decided to put proper measures in place for privacy. This is important both for citizens and our staff. Secure emailing is a key part of this, and ZIVVER emerged as the clear winner for us.”

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