Back-end developer (Java/Scala)

Be a part of something exciting! ZIVVER has huge aspirations, high standards and ethics. Are you ready for your next challenge, are looking for growth and want to be proud of team achievements? If this sounds like you, then ZIVVER is the team for you!


Job Description

To continue our growth we are looking for a back-end developer who is ready to take responsibility, knows about security and encryption and loves to work with Scala in a (Debian based) Linux environment. You will get lots of freedom to initiate solutions and work together with the other developers in weekly sprints.



Our current back-end is 100% Scala on a solid foundation of Dropwizard (Java). Communication with the PostgreSQL database happens with Slick and the blobs go to AWS S3. We do our log processing with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

The backend serves our Angular (Typescript) webapp, a Microsoft Office plug-in and an Outlook Web plug-in. The development of the API happens 'API-first'. Server and client stubs, as well as the documentation is generated and derived from this separate project.



  • Strong background in a JVM based language (e.g. Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, etc).
  • Eager to work with, learn, or educate Scala on a daily basis.
  • General knowledge of Unix-like operating systems. Bonus points for compiling own kernel.
  • Not required, but a big plus
  • Formal education in the field of Computer Science / Software Engineering.
  • Skills related to the Ops-side of the DevOps.
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services' IaaS oriented services.

How we roll

  • Software development is engineering, not programming. We value code that is understandable for humans, addresses failures in an elegant way and performs well. In that order.
  • "Infrastructure as code": we use Terraform and Ansible for automated provisioning and deployments. If it's not under git version control and automated, it does not exist.
  • Real pro's don't need Docker in production. They ship their services as Debian packages.
  • 11 out of 12 on the Joel test.


What we offer

  • Compensation: €30K - €70K, stock options
  • Choose the hardware you like that makes you most productive
  • Holidays
  • Pension



Founded in 2015, we're an exciting and fast growing young business, located in Amsterdam. We offer a unique platform for secure communication. Our current proposition entails e-mail, chat and file-transfer, but we are evolving to other dimensions of communication such as video, workflow support, digital signatures etc. Why do we even bother with secure communications? Because sensitive personal and corporate data goes around basically unprotected now. Concern about this is on the rise and new very strict European legislation on the protection of personal data creates our sweet spot; we are one of the only platforms in the world that can really help companies prevent data leaks. We provide assistance and security to both users and administrators in all stages of sending and receiving sensitive information to create a truly unique solution that surpasses anything you have seen before in this market.

ZIVVER is growing fast. We are backed by one of the most entrepreneurial VC’s of the Netherlands. We are now looking for an experienced Product Manager to join our strong team. As Product Manager, you’ll be responsible for owning the entirety of the ZIVVER platform which includes secure e-mail, secure chat, secure file transfer and more. You will lead the team of, now, 10 people responsible for design, product development and testing.


How will we continue?

You want to be successful and we want you to be successful. That is why we take the selection process very seriously. Our process has three rounds. During these rounds you get to know the team and perhaps we will give you some homework. We like to see you in action.

Facts are the basis of our actions. That is why we would like the opportunity to review the successes from your past by former employers or customers.

Are you interested? If you have any questions you can contact Rick Goud, Director ( / 06-43257997). Please apply by filling out the form below.


Acquisition of any kind on the basis of, or in connection with this vacancy we will not appreciate. ZIVVER does not accept unsolicited Resumes or profiles of offices for recruitment and selection. All resumes and profiles that, in any way, be offered to ZIVVER we consider our property. We pay no fees if we hire a candidate.

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