HQ Mastermind

Be a part of something exciting! ZIVVER has huge aspirations, high standards and ethics. Are you ready for your next challenge, looking for growth and want to be proud of team achievements? If this sounds like you, then join the ZIVVER team!

ZIVVER is a young, vibrant and fast-growing Amsterdam based startup that believes in simple secure communication. Our play is to go big or go home and therefore we need smart, talented people that are not afraid to join this rollercoaster ride with us. By the way, we just moved into a new office and we need you to help us make it epic!

About you:

  • nicknames like Office Oracle, Know-it-all, Missing Link are not strange to you;
  • you like the fact that people can count on you and fix problems people didn’t know existed yet;
  • taking care of people is what makes you tick and unburdening others gives you a lot of energy;
  • you know how to create an epic party and are not afraid to be the center of it.

A day at HQ

You start your day by having a cup of coffee with Laura to understand how many new colleagues will have their first day at ZIVVER to make sure everything is ready. You spot that the coffee machine is almost out of fresh beans, so you make a note to order a new batch so your colleagues won’t miss their daily caffeine fix. During your discussion with Laura you notice a few things that could be improved regarding the onboarding process. Later that day you take a moment to update our onboarding checklist so things will go even more smoothly in the future.

Your desk is close to the front door, so you’ll notice when guests have arrived. You welcome them and make sure they get a coffee while waiting for their appointment. While notifying your colleague that their guest has arrived, Wouter comes by and asks if everything worked out with changing his flight plans. No worries there and you even fixed him a nice upgrade!

These continuous interruptions happen all the time but you didn’t forget what you were going to do: order drinks and food for tonight's MeetUp. A bunch of techies are coming over and they’re sharing best practices regarding paired programming.

At the end of the day, you make a note of the things you want to do tomorrow. You close your laptop and join the MeetUp for some cool presentations and of course to have one of those beers you ordered!


  • You have excellent verbal and writing skills;
  • you are fluent in Dutch and English;
  • you have experience as a go-to-person-for-everything-around-the-office in a young, fast-growing organization.

We offer:

  • an exciting, energetic environment;
  • flexible working hours;
  • a pension plan;
  • free lunch;
  • great office (your responsibility!) and people;
  • training and learning opportunities through our investor network.

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