HR Manager

Amsterdam, Netherlands

ZIVVER is a young, vibrant and fast-growing Amsterdam based startup that believes in simple secure communication. Our play is to go big or go home and therefore we need smart, talented people that are not afraid to join this rollercoaster ride with us. We’re scaling up big time so we need you as soon as possible!


As HR manager you have a leading role in building the high-performing team needed to reach ZIVVER’s ambitions during its next company phase. Your primary responsibility is to manage the employee journey connected to the growth of our teams. Your goal: building a distinctive candidate and employee journey for ZIVVER!

A day at HQ

You start your day by grabbing a coffee and joining the week start of the Scaling Up team. As you are working on ZIVVER’s Encyclopedia you let your team know you are researching what kind of info employees are looking for. As the company is growing really fast and many people are onboarding quickly, the demand for info and transparent processes is increasing.

Later that day you sit with Vincent, Head of Platform. You’re discussing how to map his team’s responsibilities to the other development teams. It’s important that team members know what they are responsible for so they can take appropriate action when necessary. After this conversation you easily locate the latest version of ZIVVER’s Responsibility on the shared drive and continue to organize the input of the different teams to make it a coherent document.



In the current phase, half of your time will be invested in hiring people that fit the challenge in the role ánd our culture. We believe both are equally important in the assessment whether there is good match between the candidate and ZIVVER. You will do this by:

  • Supporting internal hiring managers with setting up job profiles.
  • Setting up a smooth interview process so both internal stakeholders (hiring managers) and candidates experience a professional interview and hiring and offer process.
  • Managing the success of hiring partners responsible for sourcing, boosting our referral network and building ZIVVER’s employer brand!


On top of that, your time will be invested in projects in support of the employee cycle:

  • Onboarding: providing management and new employees with an onboarding program that helps set up for success and makes people feel welcome and part of the ZIVVER team.
  • Performance management: supporting management with the rhythm, tools and templates needed to guide team-members through the half-yearly performance cycle.
  • HR policy: providing guidelines and processes that contribute to a transparent and positive employee experience.

The ideal candidate:

  • You have a minimum of 3 years working experience in a young, fast-growing organisation;
  • You have excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills;
  • You are people minded while defining processes;
  • You are fluent in English and (willing to learn) another European language;
  • You reside in or are willing to move to the Netherlands (close to Amsterdam).

Benefits of working at ZIVVER include:

  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • A pension plan;
  • Great office and people;
  • Training and learning opportunities through our investor network.

How will we continue?

You want to be successful and we want you to be successful. Our process has three rounds. During these rounds you get to know the team and perhaps we will give you some homework. We like to see you in action.

Facts are the basis of our actions. That is why we would like the opportunity to review the successes from your past by former employers or customers.

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