Be a part of something exciting! ZIVVER has huge aspirations, high standards and ethics. Are you ready for your next challenge, looking for growth and want to be proud of team achievements? If this sounds like you, then join the ZIVVER team!

As Tester, you’ll be working closely together with our QA Lead. This colleague is experienced, but also just joined ZIVVER! Together you’ll set up our QA team and start structuring our automated tests. We currently do not have (functional) automated client tests. Use this as your playing ground and show us what you can do. The floor is yours… You will work on a strategy for a scheduled system of automated tests to run to keep the products in sync. So not only performing automated tests when we develop something new.

If you’re looking for an amazing opportunity in one of the most bespoke scale-ups of The Netherlands, read on!

The aspects to this role are:

  • Our QA lead will set the new standard for functional testing creating a million different scenarios to test. It is your job to automate as much of those scenarios as possible.
  • Write automated tests in HTML/JavaScript/CSS;
  • Write tests for the ZIVVER WebApp and MobileApp;
  • Write tests for desktop applications (Outlook plugin in C#);
  • Inspire your team with your creativity, and focus on building the best product;
  • You will be the to go person when it comes to automated testing for development, work with them in the sprint to see where your magic can help them out in discovering broken flows in the product;
  • You ensure product enhancements and new features are tested on time and as specified;
  • You ‘preach what you practice’: make people aware of the importance of testing the product thoroughly;
  • You report to our QA Lead;
  • You Identify challenges and issues within your domain, so smoothen the process in the future.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Passionate about our vision.
  • Has experience in writing automated tests in HTML/JavaScript and CSS;
  • An excellent communicator with the ability to work well with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Passionate about solving problems with technology.
  • Not new to SaaS (Software as a Service) environments, hosted solutions and Web based solutions.
  • Fluent in English, both written and verbal. A second EU language is certainly nice to have.
  • Resides in or is willing to move to the Netherlands (close to Amsterdam).

Benefits of working at ZIVVER include:

  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment.
  • Having a huge impact on a platform used by hundreds of thousands of end-users and some of the biggest organizations.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • A pension plan.
  • Great office and people.
  • An Amsterdam office.


Founded in 2015, we're an exciting and fast growing young business, located in Amsterdam. We offer a unique platform for secure communication. Our current proposition entails e-mail, chat and file- transfer, but we are evolving to other dimensions of communication such as video, workflow support, digital signatures etc. Why do we even bother with secure communications? Because sensitive personal and corporate data goes around basically unprotected now. Concern about this is on the rise and new very strict European legislation on the protection of personal data creates our sweet spot; we are one of the only platforms in the world that can really help companies prevent data leaks. We provide assistance and security to both users and administrators in all stages of sending and receiving sensitive information to create a truly unique solution that surpasses anything you have seen before in this market.

ZIVVER is growing fast. We are backed by one of the most entrepreneurial VC’s of the Netherlands. We are now looking for one or two Product Owners to join our strong team.

How will we continue?

You want to be successful and we want you to be successful. That is why we take the selection process very seriously. Our process has three rounds. During these rounds you get to know the team and perhaps we will give you some homework. We like to see you in action.

Facts are the basis of our actions. That is why we would like the opportunity to review the successes from your past by former employers or customers.

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