What is your challenge?

To show what makes ZIVVER unique, we like to explain the challenges we can solve for you and how. For instance, you would not want to appear in the news because of a data breachYou can be fined up to €20 million—and that’s before you count recovery costs and reputational damage. Below you find the major challenges that organisations are struggling with.

The main cause of data breaches and at the same time the least-known challenge is the human error. Consider, for example, accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient, or the loss of a device. Merely applying encryption will not solve this challenge.

Complying with legislation and regulations

Keeping hackers at bay

Using shadow software

Controlling information flows

Why would you want to solve this challenge?

Firstly, each organisation shares information online. It is not the question if a data breach will occur, but rather when. Moreover, the impact of a breach of sensitive data (medical or financial data or contracts) is enormous. A data breach can contain data from hundreds of thousands of people. Leaking competition-sensitive information can have far-reaching financial consequences.

Secondly, the possibilities to share information are innumerable. These solutions, however, are not always secure or easy to work with. Encryption is important, but, without additional measures, it offers no protection against human errors. You only truly protect information using a solution that is secure, easy, and supportive of your current work process.

How does ZIVVER help?


First of all, communication must be secure. We offer security at three essential moments. Before sending: by checking the recipient and the content. During: by protecting against hackers with encryption and TLS. Afterwards: by keeping control by logging and retrieving messages.

Data leaks: three of the most important human causes White paper: Encryptie and privacy by design


Security goes hand in hand with user-friendliness. We offer one solution for all types of online communication between people. On any device and any operating system, you communicate easily. Also, with recipients don't need an account to open a secure message.

Case Study: Bergman Clinics Case Study: Safety Region NHN


ZIVVER supports the largest business mail clients, with its integrations for MS Outlook and Office 365. The implementation, administration and support ensure an efficient process. Employees continue to work with one identity in their working environment.

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Secure, simple and supportive

ZIVVER is a user-friendly solution for secure email and file transfer, right from your usual workspace. You prevent human error, information is encrypted against hackers and you keep control over the information.

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Demo secure e-mail from your trusted e-mail programme

Where we want to go…


It is our mission to make secure communication easy. We understand the world we live in. Sensitive information is valuable and the process should work for you. We combine all of our expertise and skills to make the best product.


We want to work together to optimise your way of working. Our professionals help you navigating through legislation, policy, and the risks of the online world.

Future plans

Security will soon be the default. Enriching communication by adding value to the content is the future. Think of the pseudonymisation of data, workflows, and digital signing. In this way, we make online communication much easier.

It is our mission to make secure communication simple.
What this hospital says

"ZIVVER offers a secure channel, checks the recipient, and involves the user in this process. This cogent combination was the deciding factor for us.”

What this municipality says

“Therefore, we started looking for a new solution. After a thorough investigation, ZIVVER came up as the best solution.”

What this clinic says

“Our employees are particularly pleased with the simplicity and pace of the solution”

What this organisation says

“The only solution that gives complete control over our communication flows, from start to finish, is ZIVVER.”

What this municipality says

"We agreed to arrange the privacy properly. This is important, both for citizens and for the professionals themselves. Secure emailing is part of this. ZIVVER turned out as the best."

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