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We willen je voorstellen aan onze nieuwe CTO: Idan York

“Wij zijn blij dat we Idan aan ons team mogen toevoegen. Zijn ervaring, op technologisch gebied maar ook met groeiende teams en bedrijven over de hele wereld - soms tot het niveau van IPO - zal de komende jaren erg waardevol zijn. Het is geweldig om te zien dat zijn energie en leiderschap onze...

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Nieuwe medewerkers van ZIVVER

ZIVVER blijft groeien! Om ervoor te zorgen dat ons steeds grotere klantenbestand gebruik kan maken van een product van hoge kwaliteit, breidde het team in 2018 flink uit. We zijn ondertussen gegroeid van dertig naar meer dan zeventig man personeel. We zetten graag onze aanwinsten voor je op een...

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Working at ZIVVER - part 5: Inclusive

Lukas (Manager New Business): "As we’re growing fast, culture is the glue that holds everyone together."

ZIVVER was founded in April 2015 and I joined 3 months afterwards. Within ZIVVER I was the only one focusing full time on Sales until September 2017.  Initially,  I scouted the market for...

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Working at ZIVVER - part 4: Great

Aniello (Front-end Developer) : "My ambition is very high and ZIVVER is pushing me forward."

I’m Aniello, 26 from Italy. I moved from Milan to Leiden to come here and work for ZIVVER. This happened the 25th of January and I started my adventure with ZIVVER just one week later. Before I started...

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Working at ZIVVER - part 4: Inclusive

Sarea (Front-end Developer): "ZIVVER feels like my second home."

Since the moment I read about ZIVVER, I understood their mission and liked the idea. This feeling got stronger during each interview. I became more and more enthusiastic to join the team. 

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Working at ZIVVER - part 3: Great

Geoffrey (Solutions Expert): “I enjoy inspiring others to achieve greatness as well.”

As part of the Solutions Team at ZIVVER, I make sure our customers can use our products

Zorgvuldig omgaan met gevoelige informatie?

Jij weet inmiddels dat het belangrijk is om zorgvuldig om te gaan met gevoelige informatie. Maar weten je medewerkers dat ook? Lees hoe je bewustzijn creëert.

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Working at ZIVVER - part 2: Inclusive

Wouter (Managing Director): “Every new colleague fits within the team by definition, as there is no norm.”

First and foremost, I’m a workhorse with a brain. My job title is managing director and I’m still not exactly sure what that entails. The way I fulfill this role is by thinking about where...

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Working at ZIVVER - part 2: Pragmatic

Mathias (front-end developer mobile apps): “When things go wrong, I look for solutions and don't waste time complaining.”

I love new challenges. After my career as an aerospace engineer and a business consultant, I wanted to learn more about web programming and work in a less corporate and more...

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Working at ZIVVER - part 2: Great

Thijs (Director Sales): “One day, we will realize that ZIVVER is used by everyone.”

My name is Thijs Visser, 36 years young and I am the Director Sales at ZIVVER since November 1st 2017. For the past 11 years I’ve worked in IT industries with a specialization in SaaS and Secure Cloud Services....

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Working at ZIVVER - part 1: Inclusive

Christiaan (solutions expert): “At previous jobs, I’ve never experienced this feeling of coming home.”

Has it just been a few months? Yes, it has. I started working at ZIVVER at the end of 2017 with the primary task to support our customers. We support our customers in different phases. During...

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Working at ZIVVER - part 1: Pragmatic

Harris (front-end developer): “We grow very fast but stay down to earth”

Hello world! This is Harris, a front-end developer at ZIVVER with a background in electrical engineering and several years of full stack experience. I joined ZIVVER and its front-end team back in 2016. The decision to join...