Your Success, our primary Mission! - The Customer Success team

At ZIVVER the success of our customers is paramount! Our purpose is to add real value to your organization. That’s nothing new, but now we even have a dedicated Customer Success team to help you achieve your desired goals with our product. 

The team consists of a group of highly skilled professionals. Always on the lookout for customers that might be experiencing a roadblock, or are not ripping the best ZIVVER has to offer. Once your organization starts using ZIVVER, the Customer Success team takes over to assure that you are having the best ZIVVER experience possible. 

This is how they do it:


  • Once your organization starts using ZIVVER, you will be introduced to your Customer Success Manager. He or she is your advocate, your voice within ZIVVER.
  • The Customer Success Manager engages with you throughout time to ensure your needs are met. Think of:
    • Reaching out proactively to help you get all value out of our product, for example when new features are introduced
    • Seeking feedback to improve your experience by sending out surveys.
    • Organizing events & webinars for knowledge sharing.
    • Supporting with technical and usage-related questions (24/7 high-urgency support).
    • Offering extensive self-service material via our online knowledge base.
  • They’d like to share your success with our (potential) user base. Your success might serve as a reference to another customer that might be having a similar issue and shows your commitment to secure communication.
  • This cycle continues as long as you’re using ZIVVER!


Meet the team!


Your Success our primary Mission! - The Customer Success team.-1 Your Success our primary Mission! - The Customer Success team.

Brenda de Ruiter

Head of Customer Success

Saskia Faber

Customer Success Manager


The team consists of:

Customer Success Managers 

For regular evaluation moments, feedback, and questions around adoption & contract renewal. 

User Representatives      

For all usage-related issues. 

Technical Consultants 

For all technical issues and questions around organization settings. 

The team is always ready for action! They won't leave a stone unturned until you are satisfied and get what you need from our product.

If you are facing any issues with ZIVVER or want to learn how to get even more value from it, don't hesitate to contact them. You can also refer to our extensive knowledge base to find the answer to your questions.

Let’s work together on your success!


ZIVVER is the best solution to protect your organization and customers from the threat of data leaks caused by human error during digital communication. Download our product sheet to find out more.

Download our productsheet 


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