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At ZIVVER, we have a mission: we make secure communication easy. To realise this, we think and act fast. We always choose quality and we believe each team member has impact. It is up to you to decide how.

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Back-end developer working on our software product for secure communication


… in our mindset, way of working and communication. To each other and our customers. We are straightforward, love direct communication and make no empty promises. What you see is what you get. Why should we make things complicated?

ZIVVER team lunching together


…. of everybody. We take care for you and make sure you are involved. Whether you face a work-related challenge or want to learn the best beer pong technique. This is ZIVVER: a company and product meant for everybody. Created with the power to securely connect continents, countries, organisations, and anybody with a decent internet connection.

Director Wouter explains the vision of ZIVVER


… in ambition, value, and range. This is our moment: we go big or we go home. ZIVVER spreads rapidly because we deliver value to our customers. Every day. We give our people the opportunity to pioneer. We are winners with courage.

“Our company is a place to have fun, work with great people and build services that solve real challenges. “

Wouter, Managing Director

“If things go wrong, I look at the solution and waste no time complaining.”

Mathias, front-end developer mobile apps

"I work with enterpreneurial people who love to work on a cool product. That is the most beautiful thing there is. "

Rick, CEO & Co-founder

"I am proud that I may be part of an energetic team that develops a successful product. Working at ZIVVER makes me feel that anything is possible. "

Eva, Communication Expert

"ZIVVER feels like my second home."

Sarea, Front-end Developer

Meet our colleagues

  • Oussama is our Head of Delivery
    "My goal is to continuously push the boundaries of secure communication. Achieving this goal together with fun and smart colleagues is a dream job."
    Oussama Bouhcine Head of Delivery
  • Geoffrey is our Solutions Expert
    "I enjoy to inspire others so that they also become successful."
    Geoffrey Reemer Solutions Expert
  • Vincent is our Head of Technology
    "The development of a safe and reliable product is a responsible task. To work with a motivated team gives a lot of energy and makes it fun to go to work. "
    Vincent van Donselaar Head of Technology & Co-founder
  • Sarea is one of our Front-end Developer
    "ZIVVER feels like my second home."
    Sarea Alkebaly Front-end Developer
  • Eva is our Communication Expert
    "I am proud that I may be part of an energetic team that develops a successful product. Working at ZIVVER makes me feel that anything is possible."
    Eva Malten Communication Expert
  • Lukas is one of our Business Developement Manager
    "I get a lot of energy from the contact with new people and working with the team towards a major goal!"
    Lukas Valkenburg Manager New Business
  • Rick is our CEO and Co-Founder
     "I work with enterpreneurial people who love to work on a cool product. That is the most beautiful thing there is."
    Rick Goud CEO & Co-founder
  • Olivier is our Product Manager
    "Together we are building a great company with a lot of potential. The joint belief in our mission provides a contagious drive to fully go for it! "
    Olivier Paling Product Manager

Why you want to work at ZIVVER

Talented and nice colleagues

Talented and nice colleagues

Work hard, play hard with a diverse team of specialists.



Room to grow in the direction that suits you.

Attractive salary

Attractive salary

Fine work deserves a suitable pay.

Flexible holiday arrangement

Flexible holiday arrangement

Work or leisure time, we give you the responsibility.

Excellent lunch

Excellent lunch

Enjoying a break together at our standing tables.

Personal choice hardware

Personal choice hardware

What works for you, works for us.

Front-end developer Aniello likes to work on a great product for secure communication
During the daily our developers discuss user stories and tasks to do.
Tom and Lukas discuss the best strategy to help our customers.

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